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Being single in your 30s can actually be a great thing


If there is a trend concerning marriages these days is that people stopped rushing into them. Both men and women tend to focus more on their lives and careers first, rather than just getting married at young ages. Thus, the result is a higher number of singles in their 30s. Still, there are many people that believe the biologic clock ticks faster once you reached the age of 30, making you think that you should have been married with children by now, and the fact that you’re not may indicate a problem. Well, instead of panicking when hearing such opinions, do know that being single and in the 30s can actually be a great thing, try our app EverAfterAPP for singles so others may envy you for it without admitting it is true. Just take a look below and you’ll know what we mean. Dating Apps in India are also the best alternatives for you to consider.

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