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Secret Things Of Girls and Guys To Understand Them More Clearly


In every relation to understand each other is a most important thing and we have created a list to more about girls and guys while dating.

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Top Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew about Them

In hopes of helping girls better understand the “other” gender and do you wonder what a guy thinks? Here is the list which can help I hope it works!

1. He is sensitive and gets hurt more!
2. Making the first move – It hesitates them too
3. He needs some space! Yes, they want.
4. Thoughts of the future.
5. Guys like the attention
6. He loves attention in social gatherings
7. Their Friends matter too.
8. The way to a man’s heart – Food
9. Your eating habits – He dislikes when you eat off his dish
10. He hates when you praise other guys in front of him
11. He dislikes when you interrupt him while he is watching TV etc.
12. He wants to be praised for everything he gifts you regardless of its looks
13. If you like him then just tell him – He will love it.

Top Secret Things Girls Wish Guys Knew about Them


Most guys assume girls are mysterious. And many other guys think girls are manipulative and play hard to get all the time. But is that really true?
Noooooooo, You can understand them now with these tips .

1. They don’t like being stared unless they are interested in you.
2. If you are on date avoid Staring at other girls
3. Special days! They love there every special day
4. They love talking about feelings
5. Shopping Love
6. There girl friends matter a lot for them
7. Trust a girl with her hands.
8. They love Funny guys with goof sense of Humour
9. Revenge!! So if you’ve pissed a girl off you have every reason to be afraid
10. They love talking
11. They like independent people
12. Commitments matters
13. Public display of affection

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