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Most Romantic Monsoon Gateways in India You Must Visit


Monsoon is the best time of going on a romantic holiday with your partner is simply exhilarating. Experience the joy and adventure of celebrating honeymoon with the raindrops and clouds playing hide and seek with the sun. Go crazy with your partner while enjoying the breathtaking dimension of nature. In this magical rainy season, imagine and fascinate the idea of getting cozy with your partner on a vacation. Just picture the hands of your beloved in your hands while watching beautiful scenery or sailing on a boat or just sitting on a comfy sofa in your hotel room enjoying the outer view over a cup of hot coffee/tea away from the busy routine life.

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  1. Goa
  1. Coorg, Karnataka
  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan:
  1. Lonavala, Maharashtra
  1. Munnar, Kerala

Have fun amidst the tranquility of nature and experience the greenery of monsoon while holding hands of your partner and you will definitely feel the magical effect of the season on your love life.

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